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Media Services hours or operation are Monday - Friday 8:30AM - 4:30PM

Media Services is not open on Saturday and Sunday. No print jobs will be processed over the weekend so plan accordingly and use proper time management skills.

If you need a print for a class on Monday at 8:30AM, be sure to submit your print to media services the Friday prior to ensure your print will be ready on time.

PaperCut Account Portal

The school uses a service called PaperCut that allows us to managed and track printing throughout the school. Every student is supplied with $30 in free credits at the beginning of every semester. If all of those credits are consumed in one semester, students must add credits themselves via their PaperCut account portal. PaperCut also offers software that allows students and faculty the ability to add the various computer lab laser printers to their own device, be it a PC or Mac, Android or iOS device, or even Chromebooks. The PaperCut account portal is also the best way to submit files to Media Services for fine art or large format printing. See below for information about all of these services.

You can access your PaperCut account by logging into using your school email address and password. From there, you can check your account balance, or use the options on the left-hand column to:

  • Check the cost of printing in the computer labs
  • Transfer available credits to other users
  • View your transaction history
  • View your print history
  • Add credits to your account
  • Submit files to Media Services
  • Add the computer lab laser printers to your own device.

Speaking of adding the printers to your own device, you can also quickly accomplish this by simply navigating to to get started.

Watch the video below for a walk through on your PaperCut account.

Fine Art and Large Format

Media Services has the ability to print on larger format, professional Epson printers compared to the standard laser printers found in the various computer labs at the school.

You can download a digital copy of the Media Services printing guidebook here

  • Print Submission
    • Log in to PaperCut and find the "Submit Print Job to Media Services" option in the left-hand column.
      • You can also click here to access that form.
    • This will open a new tab/window with a form you'll need to fill out with some details about how you want your file(s) printed
    • After you've submitted your files via this form, you'll be created with a confirmation page and an email will be sent to your AAC email account.
  • Paper Types

You can have your files printed on a variety of paper types. To see what these papers look like in person, there are examples hanging outside the Media Services room.

    • Matte - Flat, no shine or shimmer at all, similar to nice drawing paper.
    • Semimatte - Subtle shine, similar to poster material.
    • Luster - Moderate shine, with a subtle, silvery quality. Great for color photos!
    • Glossy - Very shiny, high gloss. Also good for color photos.
    • Canvas - Coated canvas material, very durable but also very textured.
  • Cost

All paper types except canvas have the same cost associated with them.

    • Matte, Semimatte, Luster, Glossy
      • $0.25 a linear inch.
    • Canvas
      • $0.50
    • Some examples of standard paper sizes and costs:
      • 8" x 10" = $2.00
      • 8.5" x 11" = $2.25
      • 11" x 17" = $3.00
      • 17" x 22" = $5.50
      • 24"x36" = $6.00
    • You can save money by combining prints together in whatever software you're working in. For example, you can combine two 8.5"x11" images into one 17"x11" image by placing them side-by-side and saving it as one file. Then you'll be charged $3 instead of $4. The cost saving increases depending on how many files you combine up to 44" wide.
  • Print completion Time
    • Please allow 24-hours for printing.
    • Print jobs are not guaranteed to be finished the day you submit them.
    • Before you submit your files, please take the time to look over the "How to Format Your Files" section of the help website here.
  • How will I know when my prints are ready?
    • After Media Services has printed off your work, they will charge your PaperCut account.
    • When your PaperCut account is charged you will be notified via your AAC email. This indicates that your print is ready for pickup.
    • The print will be either hanging in the hallway or sitting on the table outside media services.