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Technology Orientation

Account Setup

First things first, you can't do much at the school, technology-wise, without setting up your account. You will receive an account setup document that includes your username, which is typically your first name with a period and then your last name (i.e. bob.jones) as well a temporary password. Use those credentials to log in to and enroll in the password self-service that will allow you to reset your own password should you forget it. This is the only location you can reset your password, no where else. During the enrollment process, you'll be required to answer to security questions which you'll use should you have to reset your password. If you forget the answers to your security questions, you'll have to fill out a help ticket.


The school provides all students, faculty, and staff with a Microsoft Office365 account which includes the installation of the full Office suite on up to five different devices. In addition, online versions of the most popular Office programs are available through a web browser. All of this can be accessed by going to or by clicking on the “Webmail” link at the bottom of the AAC website homepage.

Microsoft also has training for just about all aspects of Office365 as well and can be accessed by going to the Microsoft Office365 Training Website


OneNote can be seen as an online class notebook, one that contains a "shared" space, and a "private" space for notes and documents. The shared spaces take the form of collaborative and distributive in that you can either collaborate on one document or whiteboard, or you can simply grab handouts or other pertinent documents on your own via a "read-only" library. Private spaces give you your own personal notebook to work within, that only you and your instructors have access to. Instructors can also add material to a student's personal notebook if more precise, granular needs are required. There are very few limits as to what type of digital material you can add to a notebook, including audio recordings, links to online videos, etc.

Microsoft OneNote Training


OneDrive is the cloud storage service of Office365. All AAC users have 5TB (terabytes) of online storage, which is an ample amount of storage that typically exceeds the storage capacity of most laptops or desktops. You may store any type of (legal) files you like in your OneDrive storage, and only you have access to those files unless you share them out using the various supported sharing methods. Please bear in mind, OneDrive synchronizes your storage among all your devices, so if you delete something on one device, it will delete it from all devices. If you accidentally delete something and need to restore it, you'll need to access the web version of OneDrive to access the "Recycling Bin". More information can be found in the link and videos below.

OneDrive Training Videos


Microsoft Teams is a tool all faculty, students, and staff can use to communicate and collaborate with your fellow peers at the AAC. Use of Teams for class purposes is completely up to the instructor; they may or may not use it. But students are free to use it to communicate and collaborate with their peers as much as they want or need. Teams allows a class to discuss topics in a “chat room” type environment, or an instructor can chat one-to-one with a student in a more private, secure manner. Teams also integrates with Office365 cloud storage services OneDrive and Sharepoint to create a cloud-based repository for class files (such as syllabi, reading, or demonstration materials) that allows students to retrieve these materials as needed. The “Assignments” section of Teams enables instructors to create quizzes, tests, or other types of assignments that require students to turn in material for grading purposes. For more information on Office365 and Teams, you can go to Microsoft’s support page by going to (Or click here)

Teams Training

Adobe Creative Cloud

So long as you are enrolled at the Art Academy, you have access to Creative Cloud. However, if you take a year(s) off, you may have your license removed until you return to the school. To access Creative Cloud, you'll simply navigate to and sign in with your school email address and password. After that, you'll want to download the Creative Cloud app itself, not individual applications like Photoshop or Illustrator, that will come later. Once Creative Cloud is downloaded and installed, you'll want to open it and sign in again with your school email account, and then you can pick and choose which apps you'd like to install. You can also manage your Adobe cloud storage as well if you'd like to use that as opposed to OneDrive. All Creative Cloud users receive 250GB of Creative Cloud storage.

There is also a wealth of help and how-to articles at and Creative Cloud training videos on Adobe's site which you can get to at


Every person at the AAC has what is called a Papercut account. Papercut is the service we use to manage printing at the school, and you'll use it to check your account balance as well as add the school printers to your device, and also to submit print jobs to Media Services. You access Papercut by simply going to and logging in with your username (your email address without the at the end) and password.

Media Services

The school has various types of equipment that's available to check out, including but not limited to:

  • Cameras (both film and digital)
  • Projectors
  • Media Players
  • Audio Gear (microphones, headphones, etc...)
  • Lighting Gear
  • Cables and Adapters

You access Media Services by simply going to and logging in with your school email address and password. If you're already logged in to Office365, you will automatically sign in to the site.

You'll need to fill out an online form located on a tablet in Media Services before checking any equipment out. This form basically says you accept the equipment in it's current condition, and you intend to return the equipment in the same condition at the date you specify. There are late fees, and we currently take those fees out of your Papercut balance, so late stuff may result in you not being able to print. If you decide to keep the equipment, your school accounts can be put on hold, and we will also withhold your diploma and transcripts until the equipment is returned.

Room/Space Reservation

There are various spaces and studios at the school that you have access to as a student. Some examples of these spaces are printmaking workstations, darkroom spaces, the wood shop and metal shop, ceramic studio, and many more. Due to that nature of our current environment with COVID-19, we have to set a occupancy limit to these spaces, and that requires more organization than normal. To help with this, we setup a website where you can reserve these studios and work spaces yourself. This will allow all students the ability to more efficiently and safely share these areas of the school. You access the room reservation system by simply going to and logging in with your username (your email address without the at the end) and password.

Campus Café

  • Campus Café is the school's Registrar system that you will use to register for classes, view your tuition and financial aid status, and check your grades.
  • You can access it by going to Campus Café and clicking on the "Log In With School Email" button, which will take you to Office365 for sign in.
  • In fact, if you're already logged in to Office365, you will automatically be logged into Campus Café. How convenient!
  • Campus Café Guides will help you learn more about certain features of that site.

If you have issues logging in to or viewing Campus Café features, please let us know. You can submit a help ticket via the link in the left-hand column of this help website.