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Print Lab

What are the Print Lab hours?

  • Monday - Friday
  • 9AM - 5PM

Really? Don't you take a lunch?

  • Yes! The Print Lab is closed between approximately 1PM - 2PM. Since there's only one person running it, occasionally the door will be closed for other reasons as well. Please be patient and considerate during this time.

How do I submit my files?

  • Check out our "How-To" section for a detailed guide on submitting files (here's a shortcut!)

Can I bring a flash drive or external hard drive to the Print Lab instead of using the drive?

  • Absolutely!

What files types are accepted?

  • We accept the following FLATTENED (i.e. no layers) files:
    • PDF
    • TIFF
    • JPG
  • If your file is not flattened, any custom or special fonts you may have used will not render properly. To learn how to flatten your file properly, see the "How-To" section. In addition, anything other than these file types will be marked with a yellow dot.

What resolution should I have for my files?

  • We recommend 300 dpi for the best quality.

Can I bring my own paper?

  • It depends. If the paper is inkjet compatible then there is a good chance we can. If the paper is just some atypical or strange paper you'd like to print on, it's unlikely we can successfully print on it.

Is there a way to look at the progress of my print?

  • For Macs, yes, there is! If you look in the Print Lab drive, there is a color coded system.
    • Red - You don’t have enough Papercut funds to complete your print job
    • Yellow - There is something wrong with the file and you should come see the print lab
    • Green - You have been charged and your print is hanging on the wall
  • This does not work for Windows users, but you can hop onto a school computer and check this progress

How do I pickup my print?

  • It will be hanging on the wall outside the Print Lab

I’m not seeing my print, what happened?

  • Your print may have been the wrong size, maybe a low resolution, or some other problem. Come stop by the print lab to find out what you need to do next.

I have a critique in thirty minutes! Can you put me ahead of the queue?

  • Prints will be completed in order of submission. Try to plan accordingly with your critiques. We recommend printing at least a day or two in advance to ensure your print is ready.

I don’t like the way my print turned out, can I get a refund?

  • Refunds will be given when it is a print lab error. Refunds will not be provided for user errors such as, but not limited to:
    • Improper sizing of files
    • Incorrect file format
    • Low resolution
    • Incorrect color profile
    • Stray brush strokes or lines
    • Unsupported fonts
  • ALWAYS double check your files before submitting to the print lab to ensure quality!

Equipment Checkout

What are the Equipment Checkout hours?

  • Monday - Friday
  • 9AM - 5PM

How do I check out equipment

  • Simply come in to Equipment Checkout and fill out a checkout form with the Chrissy. Also, we recommend checking the equipment before you leave to make sure nothing is broken and you don't get charged for it.

Does it cost anything to check out equipment?

  • Potentially. If you break equipment, you will be charged for repair or replacement of that equipment.
  • The same can be said if you loose anything or if it's stolen. If you check something out, you are responsible for it.

What if I turn equipment in late?

  • We charge late fees as well
  • Keep in mind, all the equipment is shared by the whole student body. If you turn something in late, chances are, someone else has been waiting on it, potentially preventing them from completing their assignments.
  • Please try be respectful and considerate of both the equipment and your peers.

What type of equipment is available to check out?

  • There is a variety of equipment available for checkout. Please keep in mind, some of the equipment is only available to specific, higher level students who are enrolled in specific classes. For questions about availability, swing by Checkout and ask Chrissy.
    • Digital Cameras
    • Film Cameras
    • Tripods
    • Lights
    • Field Microphones
    • Headphones
    • Digital Projectors
    • Media Players
    • Drawing Tablets
    • Laptops (limited quantity)
    • Accessories

Is there a limit to how long I check something out

  • As of right now, there is no limit to how long you can check something out per semester
  • That means all equipment must be returned by the last day of the semester.