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How to Register for Classes in Campus Café

Go to The link can also be found on the AAC website, under Current Students.

Campus Café utilizes Single Sign-On (SSO) with your AAC Office365 account, so it will bring you to the schools Office365 sign-in page. If you have already signed in to Office365 on your browser, it will log you in automatically.

These instructions will reflect the video tutorial (see below). You may find it helpful to refer to that.

  • After successfully logging in to the AAC Campus Café website, you will see a FERPA privacy statement. By clicking “Continue”, you understand your rights under the FERPA Law.
  • On the home screen, navigate to the menu icon at the top left of the screen (3 horizontal lines), and click on “My Info”, then “Register for Classes”.
  • You will see another statement that summarizes what you will be able to do on this page. Select “I Agree” to continue.
  • From the “Semester” drop down menu, choose the appropriate semester that you wish to register for classes in. Click “Submit”.
  • You will now see a new screen that shows the full list of classes for the chosen semester.
    • You can scroll left and right to view additional information for the classes. These columns are able to be sorted, and can also be re-organized by clicking and dragging the column to where you would like it to be.
    • In addition to the interactive course schedule, you have the ability to filter classes based on several parameters by clicking on the “Expand Filters” button above the courses.
      • Availability – Look at classes based around if there are seats still available in a class
      • Course Number – Look at different sections within a course number
      • Program
      • Instructor – View courses taught be a specific professor
      • Be sure to click “Submit” below the filters, should you choose to utilize this
  • Clicking on the course number will pull up information about that specific class, such as pre- requisites, course description full course title. Click the “X”, or away from the info screen to get rid of it.
  • Please Read This Carefully By clicking the “Add” button next to a class, it creates a permanent record of you having enrolled in this class, that ties back to billing. Even if you change your mind, there will still be a record. This does not immediately impact billing, and will not show on your academic transcript, but this may be confusing for some students.
  • To sign up for a class, double check that you have the correct course section, then simply click on the “Add” button.
    • If there is room in the class and it fits your schedule, it will show up in your basket in the bottom half of the screen
    • If there is an issue, a pop-up will appear stating what the issue is. It could be a pre-requisite issue, schedule conflict, credit hour limit, or the class is full.
    • If the class is full, it will ask if you would like to continue on to the waitlist. If you go on to the waitlist, be sure to also sign up for a backup class!
  • When you have picked out your schedule, be sure to click on the button on the lower half of your window (called the “Basket”) – the button is titled “Click here when you are done registering for your Confirmation”
  • If you need to drop/replace a class, do so from the basket section of your window, by clicking on “Drop” or “Replace”.
  • You then have the option to “Make a Payment”, or to go “Back”. Choose to go “Back”.
  • Your basket shows the classes you have chosen. Classes with no highlighting are classes you are enrolled in.
    • Yellow highlight indicates you are waitlisted for the class.
    • Blue indicates you have withdrawn from the class.
    • Pink means you have dropped the class.
  • Please log out when you are done by clicking the circle icon at the top right next to your name.