How to Update Address and Contact Info

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Methods to Update Address and Contact Info in Campus Café

It is important that we have your current address and contact info in Campus Café as it serves as the source for sending out academic letters, refund checks, and the fastest way to contact you.

There are two primary ways to update your contact info, directly through Campus Café, or by submitting an “Update Student Contact Info Form” (link at the bottom).

Here are the steps to update your contact info through Campus Café (video guide available on the AAC help desk website):

  • Login to Campus Café as you normally would. You can use the link here
  • Once you are looking at the student portal page (teal background with big orange buttons in the middle), click on “Billing Statements” or “Grades & Transcripts”.
    • Then, click on your underlined name to the right of your Student ID number. This should take you to your “Profile” page.
  • Your contact info is displayed here (you may have to select the “Summary Contact” tab beneath your profile picture). The following addresses are defined as such
    • Home Address – this is generally your primary address (typically what might be a permanent address where you live when school is not in session, most often their parent’s house or parental figure)
    • Billing Address – this is where documents relating to your student bill, 1098T forms, and other important financial documents should be sent.
    • Local Address – this is where you reside during the school year
    • Mobile Phone – your cell phone number
    • Email Address – you are able to record multiple email addresses. Please keep your “School” email address as the preferred address. You can update personal email addresses and add additional ones.
  • Click on the edit icon (square with a pencil) next to the record that you need to update. You will be directed to a table that has your contact information. Click on the edit icon (now just a pencil) to the left of the record you need to update.
  • Enter in your complete information, being sure that all applicable fields/options are entered in.
  • Click the green “Save & Back” button at the bottom of your screen to save changes.
  • If you need to change additional contact info, you may do so by repeating steps 2 – 6.

Alternatively, you can also submit an “Update Student Contact Info Form” on the AAC website at