Checking Your Grades

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Checking Your Grades in Campus Café

This will show you how to view your mid-term grades, as well as where you can view your final grades. The mid-term grades are not viewed in the same place as the final grades because they are not considered a “final grade” and therefore are not listed on the official academic records.
Login at and click the "Log In With School Email" button (if you're already signed in to then you'll automatically be logged in). Your “Home Page” is your student dashboard with six orange buttons on a teal background.

Mid-Term Grades

  • To view your mid-term grade, navigate to the menu icon (3 lines) and click on “My Info” andchoose “Mid-term Grd Report PDF”.
    • The current semester should be selected automatically, but double-check that the semester you are wanting to view is selected before you click “Submit”.
    • Your mid-term grades should appear here in the document that opens. Your instructors have the option to enter in comments to clarify your mid-term grade. The example here is something that I just made-up to show as an example.

Semester (Final) Grades

  • You have several options to view your final grade. The first way is very similar to the mid-term route, except that you would choose “Final Grd Report PDF”.
    • This report has the benefit of seeing any comments that your instructor may have recorded with your final grade. This is the only place where you can see these comments and is the recommended way to view your final grade.
  • Another method would be to view your unofficial transcript, accessible from your Home Page.
    • Click on the orange “Grades and Transcripts” button and click “Submit” to view your unofficial transcript.
    • This will also give you your academic progress to date with your semester and cumulative GPA’s calculated after each semester, as well as show the credits and points you have earned that is used to calculate your GPA.
    • For directions on how to calculate your GPA, please refer to your student handbook in the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress portion.
    • No comments pertaining to your grade is able to be viewed using this method.
  • A third way to view your final grades would be from viewing your class schedule, accessible from the Home Page.
    • Click on the orange “Class Schedule” button and make sure the proper semester is selected before you click “Submit”.
    • This pulls up your class schedule for the chosen semester and displays your final grade.
    • No comments pertaining to your grade is able to be viewed using this method.